Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just this last weekend I saw the best movie!!! MAMMA MIA ! I loved that movie! First off for everyone who hasn't seen it just know that if you don't like musicals you won't like it and second if you don't have a sense of humor you won't like it either! I have a little bit of a secret though, I went to Mamma Mia 3 TIMES!!! Yes not just once but 3 in 2 Days. I was like MAMMA MIA here I go again and again and again!! HA! Well I think that everyone should see it because it makes you laugh and cry and want to fall in love! Oh and dance and sing!! Until we meet again! Peace Out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Like I said I am not sure exactly what this is? I get the feeling it is almost like journal that you let everyone else read? Thus I am a little fuzzy on what I should be writing! So I guess I will start with my Moab trip I just returned from. Last Thursday my friend Amanda, myself and these three other girls that Amanda brought packed up and headed to Moab, Utah!! WHOOT WHOOT. Anyways we decided to go camping in Moab and do some river rafting! Yes I know it is pretty idiotic to go camping in a place that temps range from 95 to 110 all summer, but we did! Well when we got there on Thursday it was about 9:30 and we started to set up our camp in the dark! But we are seasoned campers so it was easy! Next my good friend Erin Taylor who is working in Moab for the summer as a tour guide came to our camp site and began discussing all the wonders of Moab! After of about 5 minutes of listening to Erin we were all worn out, way too much to do there;). We then decided that it was time to feed ourselves! Just to let you all know the town of Moab which is not very big at all closes down around 9. By this time it is 10:30 and we are all starving. So we hit main street hoping to find some good eatins! The only thing open besides a Denny's is Wendy's. So we pulled up to the drive thru and got some yummy stuff and headed back to our camp site! After we ate we were extremely tired from driving all day so we went to bed! The next morning Amanda had got up early and went to the market and brought us fruit and muffins! After that we headed to the Moab Adventure Center or the MAC where Erin works. She was wonderful and told us about this place where we could go cliff diving and swimming and then she said we could meet up later for a sunset hike to the delicate arch! So we took off to the pool hike which was amazing! We ended up at some pretty cool pools that were freezing. When we were done playing in the pools we went to the Moab Diner which serves the best greasy burgers! The next part of our trip didn't go the best we ended up sitting around for like 3 hours in the 108 hot sun! (Yes this is where the why the HECK did we go camping in the middle of July conversations come in, and they aren't fun.) So every one had to have a little attitude check and then we were off to meet Erin for our hike! This was one of my two favorite things we did there. The hike up to the arch is about a mile and a half but it was so pretty. We got the arch just as the sun was setting! This was one of those you want to say a little prayer to God and thank him for taking time to create something so beautiful that probably serves no other purpose then just being beautiful times. After staring at the arch and going and standing in it and laying in it, and then being chewed out by Germans because they wanted a picture of it without me in it(still haven't figured that one out!) we went to the look out point and sat down and waited for the moon! We were so lucky because it was a full moon and the way the moon light pored over the arch was unbelievable. After we sat there for an eternity looking at the stars and moon and after Erin stopped singing me love songs:) we decided to hike down which was much harder than it looked in the dark! Fortunately we all made it back safely and decided to go to Denny's to get some food because again it was the only thing open! After a fun filled night of Erin getting all kinds of free food from Ron our crazy old waiter we were able to go to bed(one of my favorite things!). The next morning we woke at 7:30 to go on a river rafting trip! This was my other favorite thing! We loaded a bus and drove to the Green River I think it is and we unloaded these huge yellow rafts that hold up to about 12 people and then little two man canoes that are called duckies. Our fun little guides name was Ira and he was a character! Picture Ichabod Crane and this was him! He was also filled with fun facts about the surrounding landscape! After the first few miles Ira told us we could jump out and go swimming. I of course was the first one in. This was the best because you just sit in the water and float right along side the raft! We eventually made it through the crazy rapids and lunch time and the 14 miles of river which took almost all day, and then we headed back to the camp! All of us girls jumped in the showers it was lovely. Then we found this yummy little restaurant called Pasta Jay's and we had dinner. During dinner Erin called me and invited us to go see the new Batman movie with her and her friends only me and Amanda went the other three girls went back to the camp. Batman was insane! Heath Ledger gave the performance of his life! He creeped me out big time! After the movie we said goodbye to Erin and went back to go to sleep and the next morning took off for St. George! It was a blast to go to Moab I recommend it to anyone who loves out doors and camping!