Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Make Text Scroll Across The Page Using HTML

In this tutorial we will be learning how to make text scroll on and off the page using html coding. This could be a useful tip if you want the same words to continually be running across the top of the page to catch peoples attention.

What You Will Need
For this tutorial you will need a computer, and a text edit window and the html coding that I will provide. This tutorial should only take a few minutes. However feel free to play around with different text on your website to see where this would be most useful.

Step By Step

Step 1
Open your text edit. Go to format make plain text. Next open your html by putting the (html) code in.

Step 2
Next Create a title for your page title Scrolling Tutorial title.

Step 3
Think of a line of text you would like to scroll. ex Scrolling is fun!!!

Step 4
Use this code to scroll the text. (marquee) (marquee/)

Step 5
You can make it go either direction.
(marquee direction="Scrolling is Fun!!!">Left Scroll (marquee/).
(marquee direction="Scrolling is Fun!!!">Right Scroll (marquee/).

Step 6

Link to Youtube Video of how to do this!

There are a lot of different and fun things you can do with coding. So get out there and see what others are doing.

Special Thanks To
dtisawesome9614 for making the youtube video!

He has also made several other tutorials for html.

Also please recognized that where ever you see (or) it is suppose to be . Thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I know it has been forever since I have updated this thing, but time just fly's! Anyways I will now mostly be using this thing for my School assignments we are suppose to keep a blog about our assignments or things we create. It should be a good time. And for all those that are thinking you want to know about my life well Graphic Design really is my life right now:) So Welcome.

Assignment 1: Site Critique


I absolutely love this website. I work at Sign Pro as a Graphic Designer and on my Mac this is the home page for the internet! I love the simplicity of the background but how it has a modernistic feel with the diagonal lines. Its mostly a monochromatic site so it lets the main colors of whatever design they are highlighting really shine through. This site is so successful for me because everyday I take a look at what all different designers are doing all over the world, and it inspires me to design something great today. To really step outside my box myself and just design.
The thing that I love about this site is it looks like a bunch of snapshots were taken of the fabulous designs. They have the picture than usually a little description below that tells about the design or what it is used for. Then if you click on the picture it takes you to the site of were the picture is coming from. So you can buy the product or learn more about the designer or design process.
They have all the snap shots the same size so that visually it flows and only do the pictures inside capture your eye and not because one is larger than the other.
I believe that this site doesn't use a ton of bells and whistles or sounds and motion because it really is to just explore what designs are being talked about what people are producing. It could be anything too there are kitchen knifes to staplers to lamps to sculpture and paintings. It is all art and design to this website.
I feel that this site can relate to anyone who is interested in design or art. If you like visually pleasing things then this site is for you.