Friday, August 29, 2008

USU HiP hOp CrEw!

So on Wednesday I saw a poster that said hip hop dance crew tryouts, I thought to myself Crazylegz (that is what I call myself) you should try out for that cause you love to dance. As I continued to walk to class I quickly convinced myself that it was a stupid idea to try out since I wasn't even that good! Later that day my friend Lacey Buttars told me that she was trying out for fun and that I should go with her! I thought about it all day and right around 5 o'clock I decided I would at least go check it out(tryouts started at 5:30). I was super nervous not knowing exactly what to expect but as the director (Krissy) introduced herself I knew this was going to be fun! They started out by teaching us a dance pretty quick to see if we could catch on. After running it a few times they broke us up into groups of 6 ( there was about 40 people who tried out) and had our groups come in and perform it. After all the groups went they brought us all in and said they were making a first cut! I thought for sure that I was going to get cut because there were so many talented dancers in there! But as luck would have it I made it past first cut's!!! Next they taught us another routine and did the same breaking us into groups and having us perform. After all the routines were done they turned on some music and said, ok form a circle and they called each number into the middle to dance one at a time. As soon as the freestyle was done I was feeling pretty confident. They kicked us all out so they could deliberate and finally after 10 mins called us back in! Krissy thanked us all and said she would read the numbers that had made the team. Once she started I was nervous and as she neared the 30's I was even more nervous but then sure enough and to my surprise she called 35!!!! Which was my number and I was soo stoked! I signed on for a year contract and I can get school credit too, there were about 15 who made the team! My first performance is tomorrow and we are a school dance team so we will perform at basketball games and all that good stuff! This is already super long so im out PEACE!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

P.S. as soon as I can get a new camera I will post pics cause i know how boring it is to read with out pics:)

Moving out and Moving on!

So this weekend was my first big move away from home! I have been living out of my parents house for a year now but I lived about 7 blocks away. Yesterday I made the move all the way to Logan Utah which is 7 hours away a little bit of a difference from my 7 blocks :);). It is a hard thing to realize that you are old enough to not live with your family and be on your own, it might be harder though to realize how much you need and depend on that family. I just want to say how thankful I am for the amazing parents I have and how support they have been about college and getting my education. Also I would like to thank my younger sister Tessie for being so amazing and being an example to me! Also to Slade my younger brother for being happy and loving me! I wouldn't be here where I am now if it weren't for my Grandparents and my Aunt who have helped fund and support me while I am here! I love all my family and I feel so lucky to have them in my life!! So far the move in has been well! I have my room set up and my roommates are all super nice and easy to get along with! I can't wait for school to start! I have a burning to learn all that I can about my major! P.S. I love all of St.George and I miss it and the people there greatly! I was so fortunate to be a part of the people and lives down there! Thank you everyone for helping me be where I am right now! Much Love! PEAcE Out!