Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry I had to catch up on pictures cause they don't have descriptions. So the following are from the first two days!!

Lausanne, Veyaux (Chillion), Olympic Museum, Ouchy Labyrinth, Chillion Castle

Today was such a better day!!! I slept for 10 hours last night from 8:30 pm ( I know Mom don't pass out from surprise because of the earliness of the hour I retired to my bed:) to 6:30 this morning!! It was a beautiful thing! Breakfast was extremely yummy some kind of granola chocolate cereal uncooked meat, cheese, bread, Orange juice, and homemade apple juice. Mmmm most I have eaten for breakfast in a long time. After a good meal we walked up the hill of death ( a very lovely steep hill probably the equivalent of 3 or 4 blocks long that works every single muscle in your butt and legs) and went to the train station where we boarded the train and began our journey. Once on the train I was squished in-between some Swiss people with no one to talk to. So I found some nerves and said to one of the boys (excuse my spelling) Parle Vou Engles? Luckily they did!!! We immediately began discussing life, he was 14 and named Killion, and his friend was 12 and named Somo (he reminded me of my brother Slade) They take the train everyday to school. It was fun to try out french and to talk to some locals. After making some transfers to some other trains we arrived in Ouchy. Once there we had some time to get some lunch I had the best ham and cheese cresant everything tastes better here! Then we met Bob at the Labyrinth which was a large circle on the cement that was a maze and he talked about how when you are doing a maze it engages your left brain and leaves your right brain free to create things. We played there for a while then off to the Olympic Museum. Once there we had a few assignments and then free time to look around. It was way neat they had every single gold medal since the Olympics restarted they had all the torches and all different kinds of clothing and shoes from the Olympics. Next it was off to catch the boat to sail across Lake Geneva. We had a blast on the boat we were dancing and I got to teach some people how to do some moves:) We sailed for a while and finally made it to Chateau Chillon. It was a beautiful castle right on the coast of the lake. It was beautiful besides the non stop rain. We were able to go to the dungeon where many artists have been inspired. It is so wonderful to be emersed in beautiful design and history. We made the long train ride back and had dinner it was an overall wonderful day!!! Tomorrow we are going to the Great Saint Bernard Pass and staying in the monestary there for two nights. Thus I will not be writing on here because no electronics besides camera's are allowed there. So that story will be told later!!! Much love!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

First Day in Switzerland

Well I am here!!! Switzerland is beautiful!!! The people are great the mountains are great!! Life is GREAT!!! It is 1:30pm here on Monday afternoon we just finished lunch and have a bit of a break before we tour the town of Leysin which is where our hotel is!!! I have almost been awake for 24 hours now it was impossible to sleep on the flight and with the time difference we arrived in Switzerland in the morning when it really should have been night:) I have already taken some great pictures ha ok well I have taken some pictures which I will post later when I have a little bit more time but so I don't get behind I will probably post random things when I remember and then photos at the end of the day. Nothing too exciting has happened yet today but it is early here so there is time!!! Talk to you soon.