Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Designing, Designer, Design Done...

There I was Wednesday night, all alone propped up on my "bed couch" thinking to myself "lady if I have to sit here doing nothing for one more second I am going to punch someone in the foot!!". I know this all sounds a bit crazy, but a short back story should put everything in perspective. First I am all alone on a Wednesday night because my loving husband works 3 to 11pm M-F. Second I am propped up on my "bed couch" because my most recent adventure to the Flowrider in Ogden has left me with a bum knee and crutches. Third I call almost all women lady when I talk to them and thus I also call myself that when talking to myself. Fourth if you are here to stay, and by stay I mean you want to continually read my blog, just prepare yourself for a little bit of weirdness that hopefully you find at least slightly humorous. Back to my original thoughts. After almost four days of being "laid up" and not much company except my lovingly loyal yellow lab Blu, I realized that I had solved some life mysteries. Well mostly just my own life mysteries so sorry if you were hoping for something else. I realized that in life you have to choices, you can plan your life, your Mondays, your workouts, your schedules, or you can design them.

Most days I find myself waiting for something great to happen to me. I sit at my desk job and do my design work and think, man I would love to have more clients that I can do branding for. I would love to have enough clients to work from home. I think, I would love to have washboard abs and a buttocks you could bounce a dime off of. But alas here I sit with none of the above and many other things that I am wanting to do or become. Now don't get me wrong I know as much as the next person that these things all take time. I am not going to get washboard abs by doing 300 sit ups in one night, I wouldn't get that even in a week. Time is not the probably as far as being patient. Time is the problem as in it keeps passing. So this week instead of planning to do a work out or planning to make contacts for clients I am going to do. I am going to take all my end wants all my end goals and "design" the best way to get there. This is the greatness of design. Before I sign off for the night this is my point. The difference between planning your life and designing your life is like this. It is like going on a scavenger hunt and getting one clue at a time this way you have to take the steps given to you and you might even pass up an opportunity or two because it wasn't "planned" it wasn't the next clue. Designing your life is like being on that same scavenger hunt but instead of getting one clue at a time you receive them all at the same time, so you can spread them all out and say whats the best way to get all of these places.

So join me this week in this design challenge. Design your life, or at least a part of it. Look at those new years resolutions or other things on your to do list. Put them all together and design the path that leads to getting them done that is realistic and makes you happy! Can't wait to see how it goes. I will be sharing how mine goes!

This is K

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lindsay doesn't like to be touched, Pam didn't get the memo. She was tired.
Being cute on Sunday in our dresses.
I was obviously the only one ready in this pic!
Lindsay almost got hit by a bus. These are our "OH MY GOSH, Lindsay you almost got hit by a bus" faces:)

June 12th Sunday

Today was wonderful for two reasons. One we got a free day and two I got to go to church!! It started with me being able to get all ready and go to breakfast. At breakfast Dominique told me he watched my fb video of the cow fight, and that my reflexes saved my life! I told him it was a combination of being around rodeo my whole life and being a goalie the other half! HA! He is great! We caught the 9 train to Lausanne and a group of us went to the museum there. A famous designer names Stagmiser had an exhibition there and it was amazing, he really pushes his design. His company works 7 years and then take 1 off! Such an amazing idea! We left at 11:30 to catch the 11:48 train to Geneva. We got there at 12:30 and started looking or the church. Finally after God's mercy and sending us help and people and Pam's awesome directing skills we found the church. so we still had about 45 mins. until church started so we looked for food. It is hard on Sundays because nothing is opened here. We ended up finding a place next to a movie theater and the 6 of us shared a pizza for only 26 frank which was good. Then we went to church! It was so good to inside those walls. My soul jumped for joy and felt peace and comfort! It was an English speaking ward so everyone was so nice and asking us where we were from and what we were doing and welcomed us. The speakers talked about designing your life in a round about way. We got out at 3:30 got invited by the activities coordinators to some single activities that weekend ha ha, and then made our way back to Aigle and Leysin. It was fun we had some layovers so we got ice cream and played some made up games. Then came back had dinner and went to bed! GOOD DAY!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 11th Saturday

Today we woke up at 5:30 which was not fun! Breakfast was at 6 and the train left at 6:58. We then got on a bus in Martigny and drove up to the Valaisan Alps. Then walked to the Alpine pasture "Combat of the Queens" natural arena. We went on the side of this hill to the outside of the twine that made a large arena on the hill. Then the brought out the cows. The cows have been locked up all winter long and this is the first time they are taken to pasture. The cows are moody, pregnant, and ready to fight. It was freezing there and poeple weren't dressed as well as they should have been. We stood around for an hour then Kaitlyn and I decided to walk around take some pictures and get warm. At about 11:20 we were standing by some of the group watching two cows fight. All of sudden they broke through the little string that made there arena. We all backed away thinking I was out of the way, when all of a sudden one of the cows headed straight for me. I back peddled for a while when I realized I needed to get out of the way. So as it's head and horn hit my side I dove out of the way and landed hard on my elbow. I immediately jumped up and ran away so I didn't get hit again! I came back to the group and everyone was thinking it was awesome and scary at the same time:) Luckily Russell one of the boys got it all on film. After making sure I was ok. We all walked down to where Dominique was BBQing. After lunch Angela, Kaitlyn, the dogs and I went for a little hike in the mountains! It was absolutely beautiful. It was time to head back to Leysin so Bob said we could either wait where we were for 3 hours or we could start walking and meet the bus. We decided to walk. We walked for about 35 minutes and reached the town, Bob said we could sit or walk another hour and make it to the next bus stop. So a small group of us including Bob and Angela and Kaitlyn took off down the mountain. We kept a brisk pace and enjoyed the scenery. However stop after stop we came too was not the correct stop. So after 1 hour and 30 mins of walking and only 13 mins to make it to stop we didn't know where it was Bob found a person to ask for directions. She told us it was a 10 minute jog. So off we went running to get to the next stop. We finally made it and 2 minutes later the bus came! Dinner was gross tonight fondue that was not good with bread. After dinner, Angela came to my room and brought me ice for my elbow and called her husband because he is a PA. She told him what happened and after he laughed for an hour. He finally asked me some questions and we ruled it out being broken. Then we had a meeting for school. After we watched some educational films, and welcomed Craig Jessop who is our dean. Big things are going down it is exciting!
More of the beautiful view!
Cows and their bells!
Me and the mountains!
This is for your Grandma! Esther was my Great Grandma!
Me and the butterfly that just chilled with me and the view of the mountains!

June 10th Friday

Today we woke up LATE! Breakfast was at 7 and that is when we woke up. So I threw on clothes and put my hair up and headed to breakfast. Talia has been sick and she had to go to the hospital today with Dominique. Anyways after we got on the train and started the 3 and a half hour train ride and gondala ride to Lauterbrunnen Valley in Murren. It was basically a day to meditate and we needed it. It has been almost two weeks and everyone is starting to get worn down. I think we underestimated Bob's warnings of hard travel. Every day is a new challenge or perspective and each night we come home physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually wasted. We basically just hiked around the little towns and then through the forest to an over look place where we had about and hour and a half to meditate. I wrote two poems and took tons of pictures. Then we hiked down and Bob showed us a little honesty store. Which is a store where no one watch's it. They have things for sale and you just leave the money. It was amazing to me! Next we took forever to get back and then we all tried to go to bed early since we had to get up at 5:30!