Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 12th Sunday

Today was wonderful for two reasons. One we got a free day and two I got to go to church!! It started with me being able to get all ready and go to breakfast. At breakfast Dominique told me he watched my fb video of the cow fight, and that my reflexes saved my life! I told him it was a combination of being around rodeo my whole life and being a goalie the other half! HA! He is great! We caught the 9 train to Lausanne and a group of us went to the museum there. A famous designer names Stagmiser had an exhibition there and it was amazing, he really pushes his design. His company works 7 years and then take 1 off! Such an amazing idea! We left at 11:30 to catch the 11:48 train to Geneva. We got there at 12:30 and started looking or the church. Finally after God's mercy and sending us help and people and Pam's awesome directing skills we found the church. so we still had about 45 mins. until church started so we looked for food. It is hard on Sundays because nothing is opened here. We ended up finding a place next to a movie theater and the 6 of us shared a pizza for only 26 frank which was good. Then we went to church! It was so good to inside those walls. My soul jumped for joy and felt peace and comfort! It was an English speaking ward so everyone was so nice and asking us where we were from and what we were doing and welcomed us. The speakers talked about designing your life in a round about way. We got out at 3:30 got invited by the activities coordinators to some single activities that weekend ha ha, and then made our way back to Aigle and Leysin. It was fun we had some layovers so we got ice cream and played some made up games. Then came back had dinner and went to bed! GOOD DAY!

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