Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Designing, Designer, Design Done...

There I was Wednesday night, all alone propped up on my "bed couch" thinking to myself "lady if I have to sit here doing nothing for one more second I am going to punch someone in the foot!!". I know this all sounds a bit crazy, but a short back story should put everything in perspective. First I am all alone on a Wednesday night because my loving husband works 3 to 11pm M-F. Second I am propped up on my "bed couch" because my most recent adventure to the Flowrider in Ogden has left me with a bum knee and crutches. Third I call almost all women lady when I talk to them and thus I also call myself that when talking to myself. Fourth if you are here to stay, and by stay I mean you want to continually read my blog, just prepare yourself for a little bit of weirdness that hopefully you find at least slightly humorous. Back to my original thoughts. After almost four days of being "laid up" and not much company except my lovingly loyal yellow lab Blu, I realized that I had solved some life mysteries. Well mostly just my own life mysteries so sorry if you were hoping for something else. I realized that in life you have to choices, you can plan your life, your Mondays, your workouts, your schedules, or you can design them.

Most days I find myself waiting for something great to happen to me. I sit at my desk job and do my design work and think, man I would love to have more clients that I can do branding for. I would love to have enough clients to work from home. I think, I would love to have washboard abs and a buttocks you could bounce a dime off of. But alas here I sit with none of the above and many other things that I am wanting to do or become. Now don't get me wrong I know as much as the next person that these things all take time. I am not going to get washboard abs by doing 300 sit ups in one night, I wouldn't get that even in a week. Time is not the probably as far as being patient. Time is the problem as in it keeps passing. So this week instead of planning to do a work out or planning to make contacts for clients I am going to do. I am going to take all my end wants all my end goals and "design" the best way to get there. This is the greatness of design. Before I sign off for the night this is my point. The difference between planning your life and designing your life is like this. It is like going on a scavenger hunt and getting one clue at a time this way you have to take the steps given to you and you might even pass up an opportunity or two because it wasn't "planned" it wasn't the next clue. Designing your life is like being on that same scavenger hunt but instead of getting one clue at a time you receive them all at the same time, so you can spread them all out and say whats the best way to get all of these places.

So join me this week in this design challenge. Design your life, or at least a part of it. Look at those new years resolutions or other things on your to do list. Put them all together and design the path that leads to getting them done that is realistic and makes you happy! Can't wait to see how it goes. I will be sharing how mine goes!

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