Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey y'all so sorry that it has been forever!!! I have just been a busy little bee no time for the blog but I had a bit of time and some pictures finally so I decided to do a post about my big dance night at the HOWL!

The Howl is a huge Halloween dance that USU puts on every year. People come to this from all over Utah and Idaho. This year my dance team were some of the main performers for this dance. The Howl is crazy they have bands and a dance floor and Halloween games and a Haunted house. Let me tell you if you go to college this is the place to be. It was soooo much fun!! We worked on our dance for months and we finally were ready to hit it!! So on Halloween We had dress rehersal from 1:30 til 3:30 and then we were back at 4:30 and we were finally done at around midnight. As you can see are theme was Dolls!! We were all dressed up like creepy porcelain dolls! Our first few performances were done where people had to enter into the dance. This was fun because while we weren't dancing we were crawling in and out of the lines scaring people. Mostly girls were scared and screamed but it was still fun!! After doing like 5 performances in the entrance we went to the ballroom where we had two main performances! We did our best in the ballroom and it was fun because we just all laid down on the floor and were asleep when people came in and they all wanted to take pictures with us and stuff! A few of my roommates and my friend Ericka Ahleen (who I probably wouldn't have made it through this with out her because she ran errands and brought me food because she is the best ever!!!) came up from St. George and they all came to hang out and support me!!! Got to love your friends!

After we I was dancing finally I got to go hang out with Ericka and my roommates! This definitely was my favorite dance performance because I got to stick to a character all night and scare people!! I love my dance team!!!

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Megan said...

Ohhhh, WAY fun! I wish I woulda thought about coming up! EVERYONE says the Howl is THEE ultimate Halloween Party in the state! Oh, well...maybe another year eh? You look so frickin' sweet in your "scary porcelain doll" duds! Glad Er gotta come up, and hang out with ya! Great job on doing good on your dance performance!
I'm sad I couldn't come hang out with you, Jess, and Lexie the other night! :( Hopefully next time you come down!
By the way, if you wanna steal any of the "friend" pictures I took of us at Pizza Factory from my blog...feel free to! oK?
Thanks for the comment! I love you Kay-Dawgg! :)